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Rocky Balboa Banknote Collectible
Rocky Balboa Banknote Collectible
Rocky Balboa Banknote Collectible

Rocky Balboa Banknote Collectible

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Rocky Balboa Banknote Collectible 

Made in Italy

Unique serial number USRB A 00000001 to USRB A 000010000 | Limited Edition

Banknote paper & watermark:

banknote size 7 inches x 3 inches

  • High quality security cotton banknote paper with individual watermark "Stars & USA"
  • 90 g/m2 UV dull
  • 2 invisible UV fibers (yellow and blue)
  • 2 visible fibers (red and blue)
  • UV "Starlight" granulate
  • Transparent thread with 3 UV colors with rainbow effect (red, yellow, blue) and micro text (black) on it. The thread is embedded during the paper manufacturing process
  • Printed at a high security banknote printing facility in Europe
  • Banknote printing:

    • 4.1 Offset printing:
    • Obverse: 5 spot colors (2 UV fluorescent + 1 UV/ pantone mixed)
    • Reverse: 5 spot colors (2 rainbows + 1 UV rainbow + 1 pantone mixed with UV)
    • Micro text
    • Multilayer structures
    • Line modulations
    • Individual guilloche pattern
    • Intaglio printing: reverse 4 colors

    Serial numbering

    • Obverse: black color in digital printing
    • Alpha-numeric
  • Hologram: Individual high level security hologram with US design: 4 graphical layers, micro images, micro text, nano text (height of the letters: 5 microns), decolor effect.

    • Applying: hot foil stamping
    • Individual shaped cliché: 21 x 21 mm


    * Handcrafted banknote portrait engraving of Sylvester Stallone

  • Packaging- Fully customized cardboard with a protection sleeve for the note.